Future of Learning

In the coming decades, we anticipate a transformation from labor-intensive work to knowledge-intensive work. The future of jobs is a self-directed, lifelong learning process that will involve continuous education and training.

All the aspects of the traditional education model will exist in the future, but there will be more innovation in the form of different formats and types. In this new digital world, learners will have to take responsibility for their own professional development. They will be expected to use new technologies to research and study. 

Cultivate 21st‑century skills

With the economy still reeling, more employers are taking a closer look at alternative qualifications. While traditional degrees will still be the backbone of a good education, alternative qualifications will certainly be a consideration for some employers.

If you’re a student or recent graduate considering your career path, there are opportunities for you in the workplace. As the economy recovers from the recession, hiring managers are looking for solid applicants with industry experience and who can add value to their organizations.

68% Professionals consider learning as the key factor to land themselves with better opportunities.

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