Bootcamps for Teens

UX/UI Design
🎀 Fuel Dreams, Defeat Fears in 90 Minutes

A transforming experience to many!
This could be the most Motivating, Energising and Transforming 90 minutes for teens! It is in-fact our flagship initiative in empowering teenhood.

The Outcome
Students learn to pursue their passion with courage, articulate bold ideas, and dream big without the fears.

🌟 Art of Winning
🌟 Art of Winning Early

True winners are made, not born.
This 5-week LIVE bootcamp molds teens into visionary and ethical winners in life. We will also instill the confidence and poise needed to deliver engaging presentations and impressive stage talks.

The Outcome
Students become the change-makers they are meant to be, and start winning in every action they pursue.

πŸš€ Art of Innovation
πŸš€ Art of Innovation

Innovation is the driving force of future!
This 5-week LIVE bootcamp cultivates creative thinking, problem-solving, and a creator spirit. Teens will embark on a journey of exploration to generate groundbreaking ideas and turn them into real-world solutions.

The Outcome
Students think beyond boundaries and drive substantial impact with their innovative mindset.