Fuel Dreams, Defeat Fears in 90 Minutes

The most Motivating, Energising and Transforming 90 minutes for teens!

This is our flagship initiative in empowering teenhood.

🗓️ 20 January 2024

7 PM to 8.30 PM – Saturday

👥 For School Students

In Classes 7 – 12

⏱️ 90 Minutes

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From India’s top TED-Ed Student Talks Coach!

🌟 Brace yourselves for a game-changing 90-minute bootcamp. Students learn to pursue their passion with courage, articulate bold ideas, and dream big. In short, it’s a transforming experience to many!

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Bonus: Intro to TED-ED Global Curriculum

Fuel Dreams, Defeat Fears

We don’t just teach; We instill confidence, curiosity, and courage in every student who walks through our doors. We recognize the significance of early years and are committed to help students learn through our specialized stories and hands-on activities.

Our Note to Parents!

What children learn during their student years will evolve them for the rest of their lives. Help them learn and explore every opportunity that comes in their way. Most importantly, continue to keep the spark in them alive. 🤘

– Seshu Karthick, Founder – Upskill Bharat

Teens learn to…

We instill the confidence and poise needed to deliver engaging presentations and impressive stage talks.

✅ Fuel Dreams

Identify the passion, dream big, and set achievable goals.

✅ Defeat Fears

Deal stress with grace, and practice well-being.

✅ Exhibit Grit

Practice persistence with inner courage and resolve to achieve.

✅ Display confidence

Express confidence and articulate thoughts on stage

✅ Drive Innovation

Research, develop and craft own ideas into spoken narratives

✅ Explore Life

Dive into life’s adventures and make every moment count!

We trained hundreds of students!

Meet the coach

Seshu Karthick
Seshu Karthick

Founder, Upskill Bharat
Website, LinkedIn, Facebook

Seshu Karthick received the Chennai’s “Brand Leadership Award” by CMO Asia that aims to reward the best in the industry. Seshu is also the authorized Student Talks Leader for TED-Ed.

✔️Coached several hundred students for 4+ years
✔️Alumnus of University of Texas and Stanford University (USA)
✔️Worked for Brands like American Airlines and Convergys 
✔️Parallel Entrepreneur for last 10 years

Meet some of our guests

from across the globe!

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Participants receive a digital certificate signed by the coach along with authorized logos of Upskill Bharat and TED-Ed. You can treasure this certificate as a proof of learning and accomplishment, and share it on social media.

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Get lifetime access to the learning portal and community portal for future reference. You will also be a part of the Whatsapp group for announcements.

Weekly LIVE Sessions and QnA

Weekly LIVE Sessions and QnA

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Access to Learning Portal

Access to Community & Networking Portal

Access to Community & Networking Portal

What our students feel?

I learnt how to present a talk in front of a big audience . This TedED platform has helped me improve my public speaking skills and confidence.

– Aashritha Manian
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

Through the means of this wonderful program, I learnt to express my views, thoughts and ideas to the world accurately. I also learnt the key elements needed to be a good public speaker.

– Saromitha Kumar
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

From this program I have learnt what an idea is and also how we should make our great ideas by assembling our thoughts and experiences. This program has also given me some confidence by making me understand through lines.

– Vihassini
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

I learnt 3 things from this event: 1. learnt to write my own script for a speech 2. learnt how to adjust or handle any mistakes done while delivering my speech 3. how to talk in public.

– Samhitha.S
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

This programme is a very useful one. It’s for the people like me who wishes to talk on the stage but has stage fear. Now I know how to overcome my stage fear and write a script without seeking any help from my parents.

– Sowmya K
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

This program was a great platform to help me boost my confidence level . Even though I’m not new to public speaking I always feared about being hated and felt nervous and anxious backstage but, now I learnt to write my own script.

– Vivarjitha Narasimhan
Student of Public Speaking Bootcamp

Our Promise to you!

🤝 Holistic Personal Development

A comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional skills

🤝 Experiential Learning Adventures

Hands-on activities, outdoor challenges, and real-world projects

🤝 Inspirational Mentorship

Access to renowned coaches who share inspiring stories & give guidance

🤝 Interactive Technology

Utilize cutting-edge technology for interactive sessions & virtual teamwork

🤝 Tailored Curriculum for Youth

A curriculum addressing the youth’s unique needs, interests & challenges

🤝 Post-Bootcamp Support

Resources, follow-up sessions, and a supportive community that continues to guide and motivate after the program concludes

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