Partnership for Internship Bootcamps

Our online initiative “Upskill Bharat” is a unique platform curated to lead youngsters in a knowledge economy. With expected reach of 50,000+ students, we wish to have experts, trainers and coaches to be among our knowledge partners with whom we can share the benefits.

As a Knowledge partner, you shall help learners to close the skill-gap and enable them to build a portfolio. Essentially, you impart knowledge to the learners and follow it up with an assignment for them. The learners get a certificate in hand on completion of the bootcamp. Here is how it works for you…

Step 1

Deliver a 30-mins video masterclass.

Imagine a few interns join your company. You would train them for 30 minutes on your industry’s best practices and teach them what to do before assigning them the first task. Correct? This becomes the content for your masterclass!

Step 1

Step 2

Give 2 assignments based on your masterclass.

You may choose any two of these formats or design a custom one.

  • Research on a <specific topic> and write an in-depth article.
  • Ideate solutions to <specific problem in your company> by design thinking process
  • Analyse the use-cases of successful execution in <your industry>
  • Document on the top trends and the future of <your industry>
  • Any custom task relevant to your masterclass

Step 2

Partner benefits

Connect with learners

Get visibility among a new audience across the nation – reaching 50,000+ young people.

Optional Monetary Benefits

Share your expertise with the youth, and receive monetary benefits by offering pre-recorded masterclasses.

Hire Talent

Build a trusted community around your brand, and get access to abundance of talent interested in internships.

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Points to note

Mutual Understanding

  • We hold the rights to publish the Bootcamp content that gets developed by the knowledge partner on our portal during the tenure of this partnership.
  • We shall have exclusive rights to promote these bootcamps during the tenure of this partnership.
  • We shall pay the knowledge partner for their services towards commercial programs within 30 days of completing the transaction with learners.
  • The Knowledge Partner agrees to not work on similar projects with our learners, clients or competitors.
  • The Knowledge Partner also agrees not to use or distribute any of the content published in our platform to outside parties.

Compensation for Commercial Programs
The bootcamp fee is subject to change and could vary from time to time based on the promotion, agreement with certain organizations, redemption of points accrued by students, special student privileges, etc.

  • We receive 30% of the fee paid by the learners.
  • Partner receives 70% of the fee paid by the learners.

If the program is offered for FREE, all of us do not receive any fee from the learners.