Partnership for Masterclasses

Our online initiative “Upskill Bharat” is a unique platform curated to lead youngsters in a knowledge economy.


Supply-chain, People Analytics, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Workflows, etc.


Web 2.0 – Digital Strategy, Performance Marketing, Copy Writing, Videos, etc.


Web 3.0 – Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse, Cyber Security, Automation, etc.

Art & Design

Interior Design, Jewellery & Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, etc.

If you are a thought-leader in any of these concepts, we’d love to have you among our “Knowledge Partners” in offering pre-recorded masterclasses virtually.

As a knowledge partner at Upskill Bharat, you deliver a video masterclass on a specific subject for about 30-40 mins, along with reference links and an assignment for the learners. The purpose of these masterclasses is to add power to the Knowledge economy in India.

You can choose to record or screencast by any of the below options.

  1. Click Record Only option with Komodo Decks using our login credentials (please ask for it).
  2. Record your video masterclass on your phone / any other software.

Here are some points to note.

  • Your masterclass can be directed towards beginners or intermediate level audience. 
  • You will not incur any costs in this association. In fact there are only benefits for your to gain.
  • An MoU shall be digitally signed between us to keep our association fully transparent.

Masterclass Preparation

A masterclass on our platform consists of your talk, online references, and an assignment. Here is the 3-step process for you to deliver.

Step 1

Record a 30+ mins video masterclass talk

You may give a pre-recorded video about a best practice, an industry-specific knowledge, or an overview of how things get done. You may also explain a niche topic, its architecture and how to start working on it.

Step 1

Step 2

Suggest online resources

You suggest a few online resources for the learners to explore more about the subject. It could be Youtube videos, blog articles, or downloadable documents in the public domain.

Step 2

Step 3

Give an assignment based on your masterclass.

You may choose any of these formats or design a custom one.

  • Research on a <specific topic> and write an in-depth article.
  • Ideate solutions to <specific problem> related to your subject.
  • Analyse the use-cases in <relatable industry>
  • Any custom task relevant to your masterclass

Step 3

Content Submission

Please fill in the form to confirm your participation with Upskill Bharat. It will help us to process the digital MoU document between us.

When you have your video masterclass and content ready, go ahead and submit them here.

What We Do Next?

  • The MoU document shall be digitally signed and and shared between us.
  • We will upload your content as an online masterclass (with due credits) on portal.
  • We’ll help you connect with relevant talent, interns or developers who undertake your masterclass.

Points to Note

Partnership Benefits

Connect with learners

Get visibility among a new audience across the nation – reaching 50,000+ young people.

Connect with Colleges

Share your expertise with students who are part of E-clubs in various colleges across the country.

Hire Talent

Build a trusted community around your brand, and get access to abundance of talent interested to work for you.

Terms of Association

A masterclass on our platform consists of your talk, assignments and online resources for reference. 

Mutual understanding between us at “Upskill Bharat” and you as our knowledge partner.

  • We hold the rights to publish and market the masterclass developed by you.
  • For the masterclass offered for FREE to the learners, none of us receive monetary benefits.
  • If you wish to offer commercial masterclasses to the audience, kindly reach out to us for a discussion.
  • Please refer to the Memorandum of understanding for further details.
Some of our knowledge partners