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If you’re hoping to get your first job or internship, our online bootcamps will give you a head start.

Internship Accelerator

Internship Bootcamp

(3 – 4 Sessions)
Our Knowledge Partners offer a 3-4 online sessions, so you get exposure to industry’s best practices.

Skill Accelerator

Placement Cell

(Coming Soon)
Apply for internships and fresher jobs.

Inside Upskill Bharat

High quality pre-recorded sessions taught by the Industry experts.

Free & Premium

You can access several FREE Bootcamps as well as PREMIUM Bootcamps priced less than Rs. 999 for your lifetime.

New Age Skills

Industry Experts offer up to 4 pre-recorded video sessions for you to learn about industry’s best practices.


During each session, the experts impart knowledge and also assign homework to help you build a portfolio.

Art & Design

From the Industry Experts

Trending Topics

With our micro learning programs in the driving seat, we make a substantial impact to the learners.

10 Avatars of Innovation

Learn the 10 templates of innovation that you can adopt to think outside the box.

Design any room in 10 easy steps

In association with Spaceterior and Infurnia.

Digital Campaign Strategies

In association with Seshu Karthick from CANIT Solutions.

Basics of Inventory Management

In association with Sailesh KV from Rolls Royce, UK.

Your Career’s First Step

In preparation for the future, acquire new skills, build a portfolio of your learning, and dive deep in your field of choice.

Who is this for?

This is a fully integrated learning platform designed to help students and recent graduates to advance their career goals.

  • College Students
  • New Graduates
  • Seekers of Knowledge
How you can benefit?

You become more likely to get an internship / job with ease. This will be a display of your perseverance.

  • Build portfolio of your learning
  • Be chosen for an internship
  • Get selected in job interview
What we offer?

Our Knowledge Parnters and industry professionals shall help you close the skill-gap and build a portfolio.

  • Internship Bootcamp (Our Flagship)
  • Placement Cell

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